Last updated: May 09, 2020

Veative is committed to protecting student data.  Our solution is COPPA, FERPA, and CSPC certified by iKeepSafe.org.

About this 隐私政策

Thank you for using Veative and visiting our website. Your privacy is important to us, 菠菜台子采用本隐私政策是为了纪念菠菜台子为菠菜台子的网站及其相关工具和服务收集和披露数据的做法, 包括 any mobile applications we provide, our online platform software, 以及菠菜台子在任何第三方网站上控制的任何网页, “服务”). The Service is owned and operated by Veative Labs, a company registered in Singapore, and its subsidiaries (“Veative,” “we, “菠菜台子”或“菠菜台子”). 本隐私政策适用于任何使用或浏览菠菜台子服务的人, and to information provided to us via the Service by visitors, 客户, users or members of the Service (“Members, “你”或“你的”). 然而, it does not apply to information collected from our employees, 承包商 or vendors, or via any hard copy communications.


通过使用或在菠菜台子的服务中注册,即表示您同意本隐私政策. If you do not agree with any provisions of this 隐私政策, you should not use our website, platform software or other Service. Information collected through the Service may be 转移red, 在美国和菠菜台子所在的外国管辖区使用和储存的, 菠菜台子的成员, 或菠菜台子的服务代理人现在或将来的任何时候在该地点. If you access the Service, you consent to the capture, 存储, 转移, 使用和处理您的个人信息(定义如下).

Collection of Information

We collect Personal Information from Members who use our Service. 当菠菜台子使用“个人信息”一词时,菠菜台子指的是可用于识别个人的信息,可能包括您的姓和名, 密码, electronic mail address, your geographic location, 或邮政地址, 或您选择提交的与本服务有关的信息.

Veative also collects “Non-Personal Information” about you. “非个人信息”是指非个人信息的信息, 包括, 但不限于, 来自您的个人信息的聚合和匿名信息.


Protecting the privacy of young children is especially important. 因为这个原因, Veative设置了一些功能,旨在帮助保护13岁以下儿童的个人信息. Veative不会故意允许任何不满13岁的人直接注册本服务.

Use of Personal Information

Veative uses Personal Information to assist us in setting up accounts; improving online operations; processing transactions you initiate (for example, 任何信用, 菠菜台子或第三方支付网关代表菠菜台子向您收集的借记卡或其他账单账户信息通常仅用于处理您要求的交易).

Disclosure of Personal Information

菠菜台子可能会向公司披露您的个人信息和非个人信息, 代理, 承包商, 服务提供者或其他代表菠菜台子履行职能的人, such as providing data 存储, 接待菠菜台子的网站, conducting audits and performing web analytics; and to market Veative products and services to you (for example, to 电子邮件 you messages concerning new Veative features or products, 或代表Veative或代表菠菜台子信任的赞助商提供特别优惠).

We may also disclose your Personal Information to third parties, in our sole discretion, (a) to enforce or apply the terms and conditions of the Service, 包括 investigations of potential violations thereof, (b)遵守法律或监管要求或政府要求, (c) to protect the rights, property or safety of Veative, other Members or other third parties, (d) to any authority, such as a police department or regulatory authority, 或(e)来检测, prevent or otherwise address fraud, security or technical problems that may arise.

Accessing and Updating Personal Information

When you use our Service, 菠菜台子作出真诚的努力,向您提供查阅您的个人信息的机会,并在该等数据不准确的情况下纠正该等数据,或在法律不要求保留该等数据或出于合法商业目的的情况下,应您的要求删除该等数据. 菠菜台子要求个别会员说明自己的身份和要求查阅的资料, corrected or removed before processing such requests, 菠菜台子可能会拒绝处理不合理的重复或系统的请求, require disproportionate technical effort, jeopardize the privacy of others, or would be extremely impractical (for instance, requests concerning information residing on backups), or for which access is not otherwise required.

Please e-mail us at info@veative.如果您需要帮助访问或更改您的个人信息,或您希望将您的个人信息从菠菜台子的服务器中删除,请通过以下地址与菠菜台子联系. Please be aware that if you delete your Personal Information, you may not be able to continue to use our Service. 请注意,如果您要求菠菜台子删除您的个人信息, we may in our sole discretion retain certain information, 包括 your Personal Information, to satisfy our legal, audit and/or dispute resolution requirements. We may also retain your Non-Personal information indefinitely.

Data Retention Policy

We keep personal information until it is deleted, or until we no longer need it to provide you with the Service. 菠菜台子不会保留学生的个人信息超过必要的教育目的和法律义务, 或提供菠菜台子接收或收集学生个人信息的服务. 除了, 菠菜台子只保留学生的个人信息,只要学生的帐户是有效的, unless we are required by law or the student’s school to retain it, or need it to protect the safety of our users. 请注意,由于学校法律法规的原因,账号被删除后,一些内容可能会被保留.g. FERPA下的“教育记录”或各州学生隐私法下的“学生记录”的维护).

饼干s and Automatic Information Gathering Technologies

Non-Personal Information (包括 aggregate, 技术或人口统计信息)也可以通过菠菜台子的互联网服务器和日志的标准操作以及其他自动数据收集工具,如“cookie”和其他类似技术收集. “cookie”是一个小的文本文件,它被临时或持久地记录在你的硬盘上,网站可以使用它来识别访问网站的访问者,以方便他们持续访问和使用网站. 菠菜台子可能通过cookies和其他类似技术收集的信息包括您的浏览器类型, language preference, 操作系统, referring website (if applicable), the name and type of device, the 操作系统 of your device, the date and time of each Member visit or request, the message boards or other discussion forums you visit, 以及您在使用本服务期间访问或访问的Veative服务端点. 菠菜台子可以收集菠菜台子从每一位会员收集的信息,并且菠菜台子保留在任何理由下自行决定使用这些信息的权利, 包括但不限于对汇总信息进行统计分析, 包括对浏览菠菜台子网站的用户行为的分析, 匿名的基础. 然而, the information we collect from you through the use of cookies, 网络信标和其他技术将不会因其直接的行为广告或定向广告目的而与第三方共享.

您可以通过调整大多数浏览器中提供的拒绝或接受cookies的选项,阻止菠菜台子使用cookies收集有关您的非个人信息. 识别, 然而, 为了提供某些特性(如特定信息的定制交付),cookie可能是必要的.


Any and all student data provided to Veative, or to which Veative has been granted access, 是并且应该是提供或允许访问这些记录的教育机构的唯一财产吗.

Information Security

Veative uses best practices for Internet Security.  确保从用户的web浏览器到Veative服务器的安全通信, 使用HTTPS (SSL)协议.  为确保个人信息的安全存储,所有个人信息都会被加密.  为了确保用户帐户的安全,密码是使用行业标准进行哈希处理的. 菠菜台子确保只有那些需要查阅个人资料的人才能查阅,并且这些人必须接受背景调查.


Data Breach Procedure

在数据泄露的情况下,菠菜台子将通过在服务上发布消息通知您.  该信息将包含菠菜台子可以确定的细节,如何时发生入侵, and what data was compromised.  Notification will be made as soon as possible, 但不得迟于确认违约后45个历日.  区, 学校, or other users that require notification by phone, 电子邮件, 或写信可以提供菠菜台子的联系方式,菠菜台子将直接与您联系.

Third Party Sites; Message Boards, Social Media, and Other Online Forums

菠菜台子和菠菜台子的第三方软件供应商(“服务供应商”)使用个人数据来:(i)提供平台, ii) comply with applicable laws, and (iii) promote our products, 系统, 和工具. 相应的, 菠菜台子鼓励您查看任何此类网站的隐私政策和服务条款,以便您了解这些网站如何收集信息, use and share any Personal Information they may collect about you.

加密的个人信息由亚马逊网络服务安全存储和托管,以提供Veative的平台.  有关AWS及其有关数据隐私和安全的政策的更多信息, 访问:http://aws。.亚马逊.com/security/

In the unlikely event that Veative goes out of business, or files for bankruptcy, we will protect your personal information, and will not sell it to any third-party.

Changes to this Policy

Veative可通过在服务上发布更新的政策,定期修改或更新本隐私政策,事先或不事先通知. 您可以随时检查本文档的“最后更新”日期,以查看隐私政策最后一次更改的时间. 菠菜台子也可能会在菠菜台子的网站上发布更改本隐私政策的通知. We encourage you to check this 隐私政策 from time to time. 在更新的隐私政策发布后,您继续使用菠菜台子的网站和/或服务,即表示您同意该等政策的内容. IF YOU DO NOT AGREE TO FUTURE CHANGES TO THIS PRIVACY POLICY, 更改生效后,您必须停止使用菠菜台子的网站和服务.


To ask questions about our 隐私政策, obtain more information, or lodge a complaint, 菠菜台子:

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