VR Content

"Content is king" is a well-known, much-cited idea. 你在Veative网站上读到的第一件事是菠菜台子大全内容的,这是很合适的. Without question, we are both believers in, and enthusiasts for, immersive learning and what that can mean in the learning process.

VR存在于教育领域,理由很充分. 让学习者沉浸在虚拟环境中是非常吸引人的 当然,但这还不足以证明在虚拟现实中投入时间和资源是合理的. Creating an environment that heightens a desire to learn, free from distraction, 这也促进了专注于手头的话题,这绝对是值得投资的.

As teachers, 菠菜台子知道开放和接受能力强的学生(比如那些使用虚拟现实的学生), exposed to appropriately-leveled educational content, who are completely engrossed in a key concept, is a recipe ripe for raising learning outcomes. Very simply, all of this is exactly what Veative is all about.
菠菜台子不仅对教育您的学生感兴趣,而且在整个过程中帮助您. 菠菜台子希望您在浏览本网站时能找到许多有用的信息.

获得真实生活的经验是很难实现的,是危险的,或者是昂贵的. However, VR can connect users with experiences, from complex simulations to simple lab experiments, performed by school students.

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Math

We offer the world’s largest library of interactive, curriculum-aligned, VR content for STEM, with clear learning objectives, attention to a core concept, and formative assessment within the environment

使用语音识别来研究语音产生确保学习者在这个过程中是积极的参与者. 在一个没有评判、没有干扰的环境中,自信会蓬勃发展.

  • 4 levels, from fundamental to advanced
  • Voice recognition while offline!
  • 104 conversations in different scenarios
  • Conversations are modelled, then students participate

VR allows for a multitude of scenarios, 将学习者带入教师难以提供的情境中. 一个自信、积极的学习者是一个成功的语言学生.

Be there, without having to go there. 菠菜台子的虚拟之旅不仅仅是著名景点的360°图像, but built environments to be explored, with educational information such as construction, architectural features, and so on.

  • 20 locations worldwide
  • 2 museum tours, to meet Gandhi and Einstein!
  • Cross-curriculum discovery modules, for all ages
  • Safe, logistically simple means of making school excursions

存在感很重要,但旅游的教育价值也至关重要. Visiting Taj Mahal is fun and exciting, but learning about its history, foundation and majesty is more impactful.

包容性在很多方面都很重要,这也是菠菜台子积极努力提倡的. As we are primarily a group of teachers, 菠菜台子知道为所有学生提供有意义的经历的价值.

  • VR headset with 1 controller, for easier access
  • PC上的WebXR版本适合那些不适应环境的人
  • Controlling distractors for those with ADHD
  • Giving movement to those with mobility issues

VR allows for a student to move at their own pace, in an engaging environment to return to a number of times, if needed. 菠菜台子一直在与专业教师合作,试图吸纳更多的学生.

Veative history and Philosophy

Starting out in 2016, 菠菜台子决定基于以下关键假设创造一种VR学习体验:

  • We would focus on one core topic or concept at a time
  • We write and develop around curriculum standards
  • 菠菜台子首先处理抽象或概念上困难的概念(对学生而言)
  • 菠菜台子在环境中进行评估,以确保教师与学习保持联系, without needing to hover, monitor, or babysit
  • 所有内容应该在线和离线都可用(没有网络依赖)
  • 它应该针对不同的地区和语言进行本地化
  • 它应该具有成本效益,确保不让任何人掉队

From the start, we choose to be device-agnostic, 希望把VR硬件的决定权留给学校和地区. We wanted to make our content for all devices. 然而,市场的现实带来了问题,不仅仅是菠菜台子,而是每个人. 从设备上的小存储大小(意味着内容不能脱机使用), to dropped controller signals in larger classrooms, we lived through it all on the hardware side. 菠菜台子很快意识到,游戏和娱乐设备并非以教育为重点, nor education-ready. As educators in this market, we need to be concerned about privacy and security issues, management of content (so that it is easy, and not even a concern, for teachers), a breadth of content (ensuring every student, 每节课菠菜台子都有内容,有有意义的东西去学习和互动, and proper thought toward the experience of students, teachers, IT and admin. 游戏和娱乐设备没有考虑到这些问题. So, to address the needs of schools and districts everywhere, we designed the EduPro VR headset, a device purpose built specifically for education.